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50 things about me – revised

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Well, as I was saying.

Completed 50 things — there are 50 more, or more, or more. To see the completed list, go to the about page.

Meanwhile, I believe I will set a goal of at least one bite of writing per day.

Working toward “about”

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  • personal v. public
  • professional v. personal
  • beautiful v. ugly
  • affirming v. condemning
  • challenging v. easy
  • fun v. work

Well, there it is. I am standing at the edge of the pool, sticking my toe in and recoiling — it’s so cold!!! (Just jump, just jump — for crying out loud.)

Consistency and honor, compassion, energy, focus, and that bone-crushing fatigue.

The writer me reaches so high. The personal me has a hard time seeing how that happens.

Well, a personal blog is more likely to show my scars and my weaknesses, and that has been more threatening than I thought it would be. Me being kind of a trench-coat tell-all type of person, at times in my real life.

To give me structure and get me into these waters, I will start with one of those lists: 50 things about me. Thanks to Ombudsben for giving such a stellar example.

But first a word from our sponsor: I will now go earn a chunk of change and will resume this exercise in “about” later this afternoon. Thank you for your patience.



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Got back on August 12th and went immediately back to work, which so crushed my joie de vacance (et mariage) that I sulked for almost two weeks,

but now I’m ready to start writing again.

After I buy fresh chile at the farmer’s market next door.


(Photo by John A. Bowersmith/Independent)

Expect changes

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Well, here I am, checking in at my new digs.

 Looks a little bare. I’ll need to decorate.

In the meantime, for those of you who read me at Cuentos, welcome to “Trees”, where I will write other-than-fiction.

And decorate. Did I mention?

L and I are leaving for Quebec in a day or two, will be married next Thursday, and will be back shortly after that.

Please check in with me as I explore some new options.

Trees — (can’t see the forest for the)