50 things about me – revised

Well, as I was saying.

Completed 50 things — there are 50 more, or more, or more. To see the completed list, go to the about page.

Meanwhile, I believe I will set a goal of at least one bite of writing per day.


3 Responses to “50 things about me – revised”

  1. Since I’m a frequent visitor, I thought I’d share my about page

    Thank you, Tek. I am mightily surprised by the difference between telling my stories and talking about my life. I am up to 33 “abouts” and more to come.

  2. bosquechica Says:

    Wow, thanks!! This exercise has been freaking me out, especially all that me me me business. Cool. I think I’ll go have a refreshingly iced caffeinated beverage and give it another try.

  3. Hey, you, you’re back! Yeah, glad to know. I like your about page. I think this is going to be a great blog. Keep it up, girl.

    Hi hi there — I’m lying around sneezing today, which is tiresome cause I want to play blog games, but there is more to come and I am gathering my resources! — Thanks for the encouragement.

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