Working toward “about”

  • personal v. public
  • professional v. personal
  • beautiful v. ugly
  • affirming v. condemning
  • challenging v. easy
  • fun v. work

Well, there it is. I am standing at the edge of the pool, sticking my toe in and recoiling — it’s so cold!!! (Just jump, just jump — for crying out loud.)

Consistency and honor, compassion, energy, focus, and that bone-crushing fatigue.

The writer me reaches so high. The personal me has a hard time seeing how that happens.

Well, a personal blog is more likely to show my scars and my weaknesses, and that has been more threatening than I thought it would be. Me being kind of a trench-coat tell-all type of person, at times in my real life.

To give me structure and get me into these waters, I will start with one of those lists: 50 things about me. Thanks to Ombudsben for giving such a stellar example.

But first a word from our sponsor: I will now go earn a chunk of change and will resume this exercise in “about” later this afternoon. Thank you for your patience.



One Response to “Working toward “about””

  1. It’s a good start! I like how you echoed “hairy, pale, and drank red wine” for the writers — weaving similar themes in and out of those “me me me” lists (as you so rightly called ’em) is what can give things a good twist. Introduce a note, and then work it back in from another direction, when you can.

    I think that, as Mexican-American is out of vogue as you say, is why you should use it. Are you familiar with Gurdjieff? The war against sleep is waged by making people see things anew, yes?

    I love that you are bonded with geese. In the mornings I watch as large flocks of geese, cormorants, and pelicans fly out just after dawn to their summer feeding spots. I just get moments around them, but think it would be very cool for them to join my people dog pack with my wife and Edie and Ernie — or for our pack to be abel to join their flock. Peaceably, as it were.

    I’ll bet writing about your surgeries, even just what you can about your emotional state going into it, through it, after it, might keep people’s interest.

    When you were a music major what songs moved you the most? When you majored in English what writers moved you the most?

    Thank you Ombudsben, I’ve stopped in at your site quite a bit the past few months. You’ve got such a nice balance of personal and private space in the way you talk about your life, very appealing. I’m so much more at ease with fiction, this is quite an adventure for me.

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