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The rights and responsibilities of marriage

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The intent to marry must be posted in a public place for 20 days before the intended event. The marriage itself should take place in public, either at the courthouse or in some other appropriately solemn setting.

On the occasion of civil marriage, according to Justice Quebec:

Marriage is governed by the Civil Code of Québec, which concerns family law. It is founded on two key principles: equality between the spouses, and free choice of a matrimonial regime. The spouses must

  • choose the family residence together;
  • contribute toward household expenses according to their respective means;
  • jointly assume the debts contracted for the day-to-day needs of the family; and
  • comply with the legal provisions governing partition of the family.  

From the ceremony itself, this is what the magistrate said (paraphrased):

    • You are responsible for taking care of each other, your home and your family. You will contribute equally to that care. Equally may refer to monetary contribution, but may also refer to any balance of work and care agreed upon between you. You are responsible for living together in a shared household. If you cannot afford an independent living situation, you should still live together with extended family as defined by you.

    • You may change your name for social purposes, but for legal purposes, you will retain the same name after marriage as before.

What a nice country. What a beautiful thing, to base marriage on the assumption of equality. Wow, I got this feeling we were not in Kansas anymore.

Our hotel staff left this in our room while we were being ridden to the courthouse in procession in our flower-festooned bicycle rickshaws (more later!), and well, that was one more sweet moment in a remarkable day.

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