About my geese

As the snow began to fall, last Christmas: 


Laurie and I have six geese, 4 different varieties:

  • 3 African geese: Alexander the Great;  his life partner, Bruce Hephestian; and Gloria LaGanza.
  • 1 Toulouse goose: Toot Sweet.
  • 1 Chinese goose: Vanessa La Ganza. 
  • 1 Sebastapol goose: Mrs. Frizzle.

What I know about geese

They are insomniac. Paranoid. Community oriented. Loyal. Poor problem solving. Talkative. Good listeners.  Predictable. Protective. Demanding. Vulnerable. Big bags of feathers and noise.

Habits and talents

Daily bathing. Standing on one foot, all together, staring out the gate at passing traffic. Hissing when deeply frightened. Slipping through any barely open gate.  Creeping up silently on unsuspecting bottoms. Master goosers.

The language of geese is very tonal. Dissonant when dissonance is called for, soft and melodic when all is calm. 

Characteristics of my very tame geese

They follow directions —

  • Go to bed (flock runs to coop and goes in)
  • Get out (flock runs away from yard, where they are ravaging the tender young grass)
  • Come on (flock runs with wings outstretched to get treats)

They comment, request and demand:

  • Stand back or I’ll (we’ll) goose you.
  • Come here, I want to tell you something (also sounds a lot like hey baby, hey baby especially in the spring — don’t turn your back!)
  • Help help there’s a coyote/dog/cow/horse/ or something in the yard!

I can’t seem to say what it is. The placid group wandering, the bright eyes, the running commentary. They let me stroke their breasts (when the mood strikes them). I periodically have to save them from some foolish danger — heads stuck in gates, trapped in the cane field, rushing to attack some unsuspecting visitor. Wherever I am on my wee little farm, there are six geese close by, telling me what they see and how they feel. I am in and of this flock.


2 Responses to “About my geese”

  1. You mentioned difficulty expressing something:

    I can’t seem to say what it is.

    Yet you described the geese and expressed the bond very well. What a wonderful flock!

  2. Thanks, they are my sweet things. Honk, honk!

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