I commented on a CNN political site in response to some jerk probably perfectly nice bigot “patriot” fellow American who blames all our problems on Mexicans coming across the border.

A relatively mild-mannered comment, to the effect that part of the influx is related to economic stress in Mexico brought on by NAFTA.

Immediately got attacked by another gentleman fellow, who slammed my NAME (soy Teresa, ese, not “Terry” – in quotes!), who said I was a socialist and a loser, like Vicente Fox, and blamed everything on Clinton. Which, of course, NAFTA was a Clinton accommodationist decision that I wasn’t crazy about either. But holy cow, isn’t there some kind of deprogramming we can do to wash the koolaid out of these mad people?

Made me cringe. I rarely indulge in online political discussion (married to a Kos-ack, however). But my nephew (come back, come back), who looks like any guy they’d pitch across the border if he didn’t have his papers with him, has recently found the Lord and apparently Jesus has been saying it’s all about the wetbacks too. Oh, and Clinton. Man, Jesus has changed a lot.

Guess we’re warming up for another great divide.

Viva la difference. Ese.


3 Responses to “Wow”

  1. Good for you, vata. I got your back if any of those oyes come creeping round here.

  2. Ybonesita,

    Thanks! We’re gonna need to stick together through this next batch of crazy election. Gueras, gabachos, haoles, belaganas, queer folk and all.

    I’ve got a goal of writing something in each blog every day. It’s different, less polished, but I can see it building some momentum. Saaaaay, does this count?

    Reminds me, I am on my way over to RR to submit, in the near future. Looked at guidelines over the weekend.

    pues, bueno bye

  3. que cool. Looking forward to seeing your cosa.

    and no, this doesn’t count on writing each day. but good try.

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