I am working on my novel (Mayhem, Tx) at Nanowrimo. Right now I am researching historical descriptions of storms approaching. I have 1400 words so far; a little behind. I’m afraid of my main character. Or I’m not sure that he is the main character. Probably should blast through that. They are all dancing on sticks in my head, like a little puppet show. More like Punch and Judy than characters in a coherent story. But the outline is there. Writing is an act of faith, que no?


2 Responses to “Approaching”

  1. That it is.

    Do you have your story up at the Nanonwrimo website? Anywhere we’ns can read it?

  2. It’s up — I can’t figure out how to access it without being a member. ?? It’s a day or two behind right now though. The site is prone to slow-downs; heavy traffic with the entire country (apparently) trying to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

    Synopsis, it’s about a flood in a fictional gulf coast town in Texas. You can go see the original sketch on Cuentos.

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