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50 things about my mom

Posted in family, Uncategorized on December 8, 2007 by bosquechica

As you know if you’ve been by recently, my mom had a really horrible stroke and things just kept getting more complicated. Well, right now she’s maybe kinda sorta getting a a little bit better – she’s in inpatient rehab, learning to stand again, visiting with her dogs, things like that. 

So for her, this is a list of 50 things about Enid, just to say hey, it’s not all about me:

  1. 77 years old.
  2. Born in Texas.
  3. Three brothers.
  4. Four kids.
  5. One husband (hi, dad!).
  6. Schauzer lover since 1965.
  7. Compulsive Jeopardy player.
  8. Likes to watch the same movies over and over.
  9. Favorite candy is orange chocolate – the one that’s shaped like an orange.
  10. Used to brew home-made kahlua and bottle it in her Dr. Pepper bottles.
  11. She cracks herself up.
  12. Community theater buff. Property mistress and backstage manager for decades.
  13. Argumentative.
  14. Loves sausages, especially summer sausage.
  15. Favorite movies – Groundhog Day, Dave, Baghdad Cafe, All Movies with Kevin Kline.
  16. Went to Texas Wesleyan on a music scholarship.
  17. Beautiful singing voice.
  18. Loves salsa.
  19. Used to do body work on her cars.
  20. Got a dent puller for Chrismas one year (see #19).
  21. Great teeth.
  22. Collected Corvairs for a decade or two.
  23. Watches a lot of TV.
  24. Loves Alex Trebek. Named her new baby schnauzer after him (Alex Treebark).
  25. Same best friend since 1965 (same year as her first schnauzer and her first Corvair).
  26. First female draftsman ever hired by the railroad in Lubbock, Tx.
  27. Has precise, mechanical looking handwriting.
  28. Loves yard sales.
  29. Loves her grocery store — knows everyone there by name.
  30. Lives in the heart of Republican Texas, remains vehemently liberal. At least at home.
  31. Will claim to be Methodist, or sometimes Presbyterian. Not really interested in religion, but likes church music.
  32. Went to the Dr. Pepper museum with my dad for their 40th wedding anniversary.
  33. Loves Seattle.
  34. Formerly a Mensa member, but didn’t like it.
  35. Her uncles (great uncles?) were the Wright brothers.
  36. Met my dad when they were about ten years old.
  37. Her spanish is not great.
  38. Except when singing.
  39. Likes Victorian geegaws.
  40. Tells vulgar jokes, and likes to brag. It’s a Texas thing.
  41. Has a large circle of e-mail friends.
  42. Sends recipes to people frequently.
  43. Loves to get gift boxes in the mail.
  44. Loves Pogo, James Thurber, Dave Barry, Janet Evanovich.
  45. Has great hair – thick and wavy, silvery-white now.
  46. Reads constantly.
  47. Looks good in hats.
  48. Collects gargoyles.
  49. Loves animatronic birds.
  50. Is organized and thorough.