NaNo Nanette

Nanowrimo? Nano-Nanaimo? Nano-Nano? Nanoblomo? What to do? What to do?

Here is a synopsis of musical comedy No No Nanette (distilled from the already distilled Wikipedia):

Jimmy Smith, rich Bible publisher, is married to cheap Sue. Their ward, Nanette, has an untapped wild side and wants to have fun in Atlantic City. She is being courted by Tom Trainor. Rich Jimmy is being blackmailed by three beautiful women (Betty, Winnie and Flora). Tom Trainor’s lawyer uncle, Billy, helps him get the girls out of his life, and advises him to hide in Philadelphia (?). Meanwhile, Billy takes Tom to Chickadee Cottage (in Atlantic City) to meet the three ladies. The wives, hearing that the husbands will be away on business, also go to Chickadee Cottage. After much singing and dancing, Jimmy also takes Nanette to Chickadee Cottage, chaperoned by a grumpy maid.

At Chickadee Cottage, everything happens. Tom and Nanette sing wistfully about getting married, wives and husbands confront one another about naughty thoughts and jaded ladies.  Tom and Nanette quarrel, the chaperone leaves in disgust, Jimmy pays off the ladies, and there are explanations all round. Tom and Nanette make up,  they all have a party, and cheap Sue wows Jimmy with a fancy dress and a final dance number.


Which leads me to a non-binding resolution, that I will write something, or some things, this year, although life being complicated even without musical comedy, I do not guarantee that I will participate or not in the assorted Nanos floating around in the cyber playpen.

How’s that for commitment?

Maybe I need a trip to Atlantic City.


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