Mom update

Surprising development – I’ve just put down a deposit on an apartment in assisted living for my mom. That means it’s a regular apartment with help, three squares, bathing/dressing, schnauzer welcome. Posh place, better than anything she’s had in years, but still costs less than any nursing home. It’s five minutes from my house, and I’m in and out of the place all week anyway; my homecare agency sends me there frequently. Stress city getting her there though. Even with experience in the field it’s confusing. Wierd system we’ve got, that makes things so complicated it takes an entire family of motivated, well-educated people to figure out what the hell to do to make tolerable living arrangements for the disabled elderly.

I am completely amazed that she’s recovered enough to be accepted there. She’s worked really hard in rehab to get out of the nursing home and back home to her puppy.

I’ve had a complete shutdown on my fiction writing. There is too much reality in my life.

More later, must go attend to my insomnia.


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