What was I thinking?

Ah geez. First we cleaned out the barns. Then we brought in a monster dumpster. Then we filled it up and brought in another monster dumpster. Then we cleaned out the pump house. Then the wind started. Everything is in the driveway. The goose coop is halfway along, the carpenters must be insane, the house is full of elm pennies, there’s an ancient woodstove in pieces in the front yard that wants to move into the kitchen and vacation is already half over.

More to come.



2 Responses to “What was I thinking?”

  1. I’m sorry, but this did make me chuckle. I hope you got it back into the dumpster. Damn wind! I mean it, I’m hating it.

  2. oh man, oh man…..what a freaking week. I did take pictures! Gotta get off this loaner laptop before I can do anything with them, though.

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