Summer fruit in Tuaca

melon boat

melon boat

Choose a variety of ripe summer melons:


Add some other fruits:

Other ingredients:
Fresh mint

Cut one watermelon lengthwise in half to be a melon boat.

Using a melon baller, make a colorful selection of balls. Place in melon boat. Slice and add your other fruits. Add juice (orange, mango,  or watermelon) and a small amount of Tuaca (or Triple Sec, the usual choice), just enough to enhance the flavor of the fruit. Chop the fresh mint and sprinkle on top. Serve chilled in small bowls, on your patio, with your family and friends at a weekend barbecue. Save some for brunch on Sunday morning. Give the melon rinds and other fruit scraps to your geese and chickens!


2 Responses to “Summer fruit in Tuaca”

  1. lollyloo Says:

    We eat it, then you blog it! But (the occasional gourmet goose aside) recipes are mostly easy. What about the meaning of food? the memory of food? the absence of food? the politics of food? The month is yet young …

  2. Yums. Writing about what we just ate is cheating, I guess. I’m trying to write something every day for the entire month and writing about our own meals is the fastest way to get myself going.

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