Why it’s hard to post right now

It’s an election year. I’m getting excitable. I’m revolted by the politics of the so-called conservative “base”. Could there really be this many ignorant, mean-spirited people out there? Am I surrounded by people whose politics are driven by hate?

I want to attack, I want to hide, I want to believe that this ugliness will go away. Do they really hate us for who we love? Do they hate us for the reproductive choices we make? Do they hate us for our belief in education, in serving our community, in peaceful negotiation? Do we really have to fight back in the same hateful ugly ways? Do they really believe the lies? Are they really proud of their intolerance? Do they really believe that my life and my marriage are less sanctified, less meaningful than theirs? Do they really think they are pro-life when the support ends at birth, when war is seen as a god-driven destiny? Do they really think an overworked, undereducated, uninsured population is the American dream? What exactly are they aiming for?

My grandfather referred to anyone with differing political views as “those people”. And to me as “you people” (until he finally came to respect me and our differences of opinion). Sadly, thanks to the nasty machinery of Rove or Rovians, I now think the same way. You people (you know who you are) are sick and I wish I could pity you but frankly I wish you would just all go away. Please get on the rapture bus and go far far away. Maybe then we can get back to taking care of our people, our cities, our schools, our planet. Maybe then I can write what I like and marry whom I love and worship where I choose without fear of attack by the hate mongers who are once again ascending by appealing to the lowest common denominator.

Guess I’d better file this under “uncategorized” and disappear it as soon as the fear hits.


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