Things to say

I actually do have things to say, with multiple excuses for not having said them, and having said that, I will be about to resume saying those things which I have not yet said. Things will have been said, is what I am trying to convey here.

Guess I could run for president with syntax like that, eh?


3 Responses to “Things to say”

  1. You don’t say?

    Hey, I put up a challenge, speaking of syntax, for anyone (could be you) to say something nice about tonight’s debate candidates. Both. Yep, you can do it. Come on over.

  2. You could run for anything. The hills. The roses. The money.

  3. Ybonesy – I am sad to say that I was on a plane during the debates, going to see my old mama. I have some thoughts on voting that I am working on from that say something nice pov. More to come.

    Jannie – Thanks – I was in your neck of the woods this weekend – in the Texas hill country – took my mom to the Dr. Pepper museum in Dublin. That was fabulous. Bought a case.

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