River bird hovers over changing season

Sandhill Cranes (via www.desertusa.com)

Sandhill Cranes (via http://www.desertusa.com)

We’ve been watching the cranes, the turning of the year, the golding and dropping of leaves. Last night, the biggest harvest moon I’ve ever seen. Tomorrow, hang out the winter sheets to air, put away the light summer linens.Tonight, fresh roasted tomato soup with olive bread.


3 Responses to “River bird hovers over changing season”

  1. I love the shot of the cranes!

    We get sandhill cranes out here in the Central Valley. I love how they fly, with their legs hanging down.

  2. Our beautiful river valley is full of cranes in the winter – have you ever been up close? They are big, powerful birds, truly gorgeous. We have a number of cornfields in the village where they land every year. Lovely.

  3. I’ven been within 40-50 yards out at the wildlife refuge. Also, some flew close by, overhead. They are amazing — one of the too-few pleasures of witner is the migrants we get on the bay; lots of waterfowl from Alaska and Canada.

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