I’m sneaking into my neglected non-fiction blog because it seems more private. Also because I’m about to make a colcannon as soon as the kitchen is under control, and this is a great place to post recipes. Also because I have an urge to say hostile things about the crazy religious right, which I won’t actually say right now, what with the colcannon and all, but just be aware, all of you crazies, that my patience is wearing thin. Damn you all, and pass the gravy.

I’ll let you know how the colcannon turns out.


2 Responses to “Tippy-toe”

  1. I think you should say those things which are getting pent up inside you about the religious right. WTF, it’s not like they are reserving anything in their idiotic rantings about the Democrats, finally getting sane health care in the primitive USofA, and Barack.

  2. Hey there, Ben. I know, it floors me how much ugly crap comes out of that collective pie-hole and how little regard there is for any perspective other than their own lock-step, anger/fear reactive airwave disorder. And thank you for commenting, I notice I never bothered to come back with that recipe for colcannon. A very tasty Irish dish.

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