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Press Release

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Deepwater Horizon

BP announced today that in a move to improve their public image, the company will be disbanded and reorganized with a new emphasis on environmental accountability. The new company, Hubris Oil, will go public on Sept. 11. Mark Crassus, CEO-elect of the newly formed multinational corporation, unveiled Hubris’ mission statement:

Humble Oil put a tiger in your tank; Hubris lets the tiger out.

Crassus expects the new venture to launch an aggressive online and on-air campaign, encouraging all Americans affected by the recent events off the Gulf Coast to invest in a secure future with Hubris.

(Folk singer in the background, fade away)

        As I was driving that ribbon of highway 
        I saw above me an acid rainbow  
        I saw below me the dying algae
        This land was stained by old BP

        This land was your land
        this land was my land
        from the Chugach Forest,
        to Chandeleur Island
        from the gulfstream slaughters
        to the toxic waters,
        this land was made for you and me