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Nanowrimo and how it’s working so far

Posted in nanowrimo, Uncategorized, writing with tags , , , , , on November 9, 2007 by bosquechica

I’m writing on a word document, researching on-line, pasting the bits and pieces into Nanowrimo, and trying not to worry about the process too much. Here and there my instinct is to identify a section as the beginning of a chapter, and I’m assuming things will change.

My characters do seem to have their own thoughts and pasts. My job seems to be to provide enough information for them to tell their own stories. Like the fascination with storms that goes back to their (Zola and Billy) adolescence, and how some people need to run away and others need to stay. 

I have a certain amount of fear of my own ignorance, also of creating a fictional town in a real geographical location. So I’m blending what I know with what I don’t, to try and get a composite.

I haven’t figured out how or if non-participants can get in to view, but when I update the story this weekend, I’ll take another crack at that.